After 2 weeks of testing and further inspecting around solidity we have decided to go with our own route to molding our Dvm (Dions Virtual Machine). We will be using “Dions payload” for first tests of deploying our Ethereum compatible (ERC20) smart contracts to the iOC Dions testnet. This will…

Upcoming IOC 2021 Logo Refresh

October 8th 2020

IOC Development Update

Due to the current push by governments to further break anon chains, it was imperative the team address these issues with our community. After carefully reviewing current stances, in order to afford our users complete private transactions with IOC, the team assessed that this…

Joel A. Bosh

✪I/O Digital Founder & Developer. ✪ I/O Coin Lead Developer ✪Fintech Entrepreneur ✪BoschMusic LLC ✪Universal Music Publishing

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