I/O Coin is ready for Decentralized Exchanges.

Joel Bosh
2 min readJan 31, 2018

The I/O Digital Development team has completed work on <gettxout> [RPC call] for I/O Coin and is now live.

Gettxout returns information on a given output including the blockhash, number of confirmations and value. The completion of the gettxout addition will enable IOC to be listed on any exchange utilizing decentralized exchange mechanisms.

Our team is now working full time on completing our API documentation and implementing our Stealth Addresses. Private transactions are an important link to further secure important data, for example complying with HIPPA “data at rest/data in transit” requirements when dealing with PHI records. Stealth Addresses will be followed by Ring Signatures.

Ring Signatures

Ring signatures (first introduced by Rivest, Shamir & Tauman in 2001) are planned for Q2 in conjunction with stealth addresses. Allowing for a signature to be created using any collection of public keys while making it unfeasible to determine which key was used in the construction of the signature. One restriction on the practical use of ring signatures is the way that the ring signature grows in size in many algorithms (essentially linearly with the number of keys). However recent algorithms have been proposed which involve sub-linear and also constant size growth.

Ring signatures can be viewed as the complement to stealth addresses in that a user may sign a transaction and any observer will not be able to feasibly determine who from the ring signed the transaction. Thus the system will move towards providing a powerful resource for complete ioc and document transfer anonymity.

This is the beginning of our journey to build a fully private and secure registrar blockchain ecosystem utilizing I/O Coin. You can learn more about the current development state and future by reading our Whitepaper.

Please visit our websites www.iocoin.io and www.iodigital.io to download our I/O Coin wallet.



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