IOC a Proof Of Stake Blockchain since 2014

iOC First Mission Statement from 2014
Coindesk 2014 article on IOC I/O Coin POS
First Coindesk article for iOC on our efforts to push POS in 2014
inflation chart showing successfull switch from POW to POS
iOC IONS Whitepaper
The First HTML5 UI upgrade to the Bitcoin QT wallet for a POS Blockchain Coin & the wallet had interchangeable skin designs

Continuing on the road to success 2015 through 2019

TNABC iOC presentation big thanks to all community members who traveled and worked hard in Miami
iOC Awards
iOC Charity initiative Mangrove preservation in Indonesia
I/O Digital Foundation News Articles

Find below a video demonstration on iOC’s data storage capabilities through the iOC Dapp Wallet.

Data Storage Capabilities of iOC, all features extend via API to any third party DAPP
iOC AES256 encrypted decentralized messaging

Stealth Addresses + Shuffle Staking

  1. Stealth addresses provided another layer of privacy to iOC users. The team deployed Send and receiving of shade payments was implemented into the wallet giving users an optional way of sending private payments. Exchanges can chooses to upgrade or pass on this feature since is not a forced feature. Stealth addresses went live on Block 1898337.
I/O Digital Foundation Booth for I/O Coin and Chameleon sponsored by the iOC community
Miami Bitcoin Conference

Continuing on the road to success 2020 and Beyond

Happy 6th Birthday iOC — — — — GOD SPEED!



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Joel Bosh


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