iOC DVM development update!

Joel Bosh
2 min readJun 23, 2021


After 2 weeks of testing and further inspecting around solidity we have decided to go with our own route to molding our Dvm (Dions Virtual Machine). We will be using “Dions payload” for first tests of deploying our Ethereum compatible (ERC20) smart contracts to the iOC Dions testnet. This will involve us also testing the virtual machine Dvm that processes the code for example;

cycle — create — call functions

As we progress, with the code work we will start to receive test results. And as we get further along the main smart contract language “ide tools” will be added so that our Dvm will be able to handle solidity compiles within the Dions ecosystem. This approach will provide us with the same user appearance as the smart contracts in Ethereum but the mechanism under the Dvm hood will be our own unique code work.

As soon as this is accomplished will get to live testnet for wider testing and perfection. We will be releasing an updated whitepaper with all technical enhancement details once we are through testing all our new added spec features.

We are estimating, if we stay the fulltime course with no delays 3 to 4 weeks to reach live DVM RC1

Please consider donating to our devfund which helps our team in keeping working Full Time…. iOC never had an ICO and the team works purely by donated time in keeping with fair, core and decentralized Bitcoin fundamentals.

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