IOC Stealth (Shade) Address HTML5 Integration Development Update

Joel Bosh
2 min readMay 1, 2018


Side tab With stealth tab on left

Hello, my iocoiners hope your all doing well. As promised I’m now sharing with our community screenshots of our upcoming Html5 UI upgrade. This upgrade will include a few fixes and our acclaimed stealth (shade) address wallet integration. We have been hard at work making our entire ecosystem to be fully private including an option to send and receive with our unique “DH” diffie hellman algorithm.

#2 the actual shade send view

User will input the send to address in this field, the receiving party will generate a one time unique shade address.

next with address entered

with stealth address entered, above is the amount entry

on ok + send send + cancel buttons are zapped and redirects to the overview

there shows the tx out

Next we will be working on stealth (Shade) address generation for receiving address.

My Shades shade address generate view / controls

This above section will be your shade section to generate a one time stealth address in order to receive IOC. Shade addresses are an implicit data structure, others create “separate” stealth address entities, we do not.

In addition, we will be making updates to the UI unlock expiry, 0 balance address to stay after generation.

Exchange info

Blockbid: is in beta test and will add us when live.

Qiex: will add us in May

Bitfineon: in contact about listing

On May 29th 2018 Richard Groen will pitch the project at HEINEKEN FinTech conference to Finance directors in Amsterdam



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